People at Papenmeier

What makes a company? Is it the products, the services offered or the staff?

Now for us all three are together, but the employees clearly form the heart. Our well-trained and motivated employees are not only an average of 10 years part of the Papenmeier team, they are above all daily with heart and mind for you reachable.

What motivates our team every day? Well, here are some statements from our team members.

Foto CEO Armin Papenmeier

Armin Papenmeier (CEO)

The Papenmeier company with its three divisions has a very broad internal focus, and it is important to me that it is clear both internally and externally that it is a company. Operationally, we are all, all employees and family members, equally Papenmeier.

Furthermore, it is natural for me to try out new ideas and successfully continue my father's life's work.

Kaufm.Leiter Steven Hebestreit

Steven Hebestreit (Commercial Manager)

Papenmeier is more to me than just an employer. I am happy to come to work every day as we - like any other company - have many small and big challenges to overcome. But the complexity of our products and services, the special relationship between customers and employees, makes solving these tasks very enjoyable. The customer is our focus, you experience it every day.

The long family tradition is reflected in both leadership and cooperation in and with the teams. I am glad to be a part of this Papenmeier "family" and to participate in the further development!

Mitarbeiter Harry Braun

Harry Braun (Head of technical service)

Every day I encounter new technical challenges and every day I enjoy solving these technical problems. In addition, I like to be in the field and in direct contact with the customer.

Basically, my job is the perfect combination for me, not just office, not just writing on the assembly line and not just field sales.

Marco Brechmann

Marco Brechmann (Team Leader Field Service RehaTechnik)

Doctors say about your everyday life, that you do not know what happens in the next 5 minutes and the job is always exciting. It's not that fast-paced, but every customer workplace is special in its own way, which I personally find very exciting. One learns in our service activity every day, because phenomena can occur that are so unique and the problem solution is not possible to google.

Internally, the relationship with Papenmeier is always very familiar to me. You can always call every colleague and get help anytime.

Ansprechpartnerin Anne Kochanek

Anne Kochanek (Customer Service RehaTechnik)

Above all, it motivates me if I can help customers. If you're told at the end of a phone call, "They helped me a lot. I'm so grateful to you. "Or:" Now I'm coming back a bit further. "

However, motivation also requires a good collegial environment. I enjoy working with others or just having a word with them.