System Combinations

An example for monitoring biogas processes

The safety regulations stipulated by professional farming associations require, amongst other things, that any sight glass fittings and electrically operated processes for the pro- duction of biogas are gas-tight and explosion-protected.

You can benefit from Papenmeier's long experience in the manufacture of electrical plant that meets the highest demands on Ex protection. Because of the safety factor,the popular VISULEX Ex-camera system, part of the Lumiglas range, is ideal for use in this sector.

The remotely operated camera transmits data for visual control or analysis from any desired position. Remote-controlled disc wipers with a spray nozzle ensure an unhindered view.

System Combination for Biogas technology

The combination consists of:

VISULEX Ex-Camera Systems
Lumistar Ex-Luminaires
Lumiglas Sight Glass Fitting

Look at the example representation of a fermenter (Youtube) in operation.

The lumiglas representation in the US, L.J. Star, informed about current LED technology: